Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keeping in on the Q.T.

We all hold confidences and we have all, at one point or another, spilled confidences.  Sometimes we share information we've been expressly asked not to share, but sometimes we divulge information about people that we know, or should know*, they would prefer not be made public.  We do these things for a variety of reasons, some fairly innocent, others possibly malevolent.  I'm not judging, for as I said, we've all done it, and sometimes it's fun.  But here's the thing: once you've shared information with me, and told me that it's supposed to be private/a secret/under wraps, you must assume that I will do as you ask.  You might worry that I'll shoot my mouth off (I won't), and feel compelled to do whatever you can to ensure that I'll remain tight lipped, so let me offer this

Tip For You:  Under no circumstances should you remind me that the secret is supposed to be secret, or even exists, immediately before I meet or see the person about whom the information is shared.  Capice?

What I mean is, if you've told me Gary wears a piece, when Gary shows up at your party, do not remind me not to tell him that I know he wears a piece, because now it is at the forefront of my mind and I'm apt to start a conversation about rugs or merkins or plugs or balding or Brazilians or some other awkward and related subject.  Because here's the thing: Gary's toupee might be an AMAZING toupee (unlikely), and I may well have forgotten all about it had I not been reminded of it's existence.  And if we are, in fact, at a party and I've been cocktailing, what's potentially forgotten should remain forgotten, ya dig?  As the saying goes, let sleeping dogs lie. As it were.

Also, I have no friends named Gary, nor do I have any friends who wear rugs.  That I know of . . .

*My lawyerly training creeping up here, but come on!  Sometimes you don't KNOW, but you know.

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