Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rain on your wedding day

We all know it's not ironic, but neither need it be a catastrophe.

One of my besties got married a couple of years ago; an outdoor wedding in Cape Cod in June. While the locale was beautiful, the forecast predicted rain and she debated whether to order a special tent for the ceremony.  It was, like anything surrounding a wedding, a bit spendy, and how tragically annoying it would be to rent the tent and not use it, right?  Being a wise and thoughtful hostess (more brides need to think along these lines), she realized that her guests comfort was paramount to a successful day and that sometimes you have to bite the bullet, so she rented the tent.  And it rained. And none of the guests minded a bit and the wedding was a blast.

Bite the bullet.  That's what I should have done when I caught cold last week. Instead of buying the luxurious name-brand "facial" tissues, I made the mistake of cheaping out and buying some off-brand packet and I'm paying the price for it now. The lower third of my face is red and chapped and the skin under my nose is flaked such that I appear to have boogers hanging out.  FYI: I don't. To top it off, I wound up needing to buy more tissues (Kleenex, with lotion, thank you very much) and Mentholatum to sooth my poor visage. Arrgh!  If only I'd have spent when spending was needed.

Tip For You:  It's true what they say, a penny wise is a pound foolish.

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